I am a problem solver

Before I begin the design process, it’s critical to first frame the problem I am trying to solve by identifying the project’s goal and defining the users’ needs.
I need to first understand who the client is, their target audience, and which is the main problem that the target audience is having.  These are the methods I have used in order to achieve that:

• Stakeholders & user interviews
• Value Proposition discovery
• Competitive analysis
• User research
• Personas & their journeys
• Jobs-to-be-Done
• Design Sprint

Once I understand the problem statement I need to solve for the user, I will start ideating solutions and prototypes to test ideas. From wireframes to prototypes, we will construct a product, test it, and decide on the best solution for the user.

• Information Architecture
• User flow
• Wireframes
• Prototypes
• Testing

Once we test the ideas and validate hypotheses, I materialize the solutions,  where I put the pretty layer of paint on the designs we built and pass everything to the development team to create the final version of the product.

• Brand Identity
• User interface (UI) design
• Design System
• Developer hand-off

Remember that features are fluff

The real value of your product lies in which problem it solves for your users. That's how you truly measure the success of your product. Is this the kind of product you’d like to create? Let’s work together and make your dream, your vision, a reality.